My Journey

Hello all!

Welcome back and as always I love you immensely! I apologize for being away for so long but I have been on a little bit of a journey so that I can write this message to you. I have been looking for Jesus outside of the Bible. I know the Jesus of the Bible and I know the Jesus of history. I know Jesus. But I wanted to see Jesus outside of that. I wanted to discover Jesus in the midst of trial and tribulation.

These last few weeks have been crazy to say the least. Hospital trips, deaths, family crisis, and the list goes on. So I sought Jesus in those things. And I found him. He says seek and you will find so I sought and I found.

I looked at the circumstances of the hospital trips and what should have been a stressful and scary situation was filled with hope and filled with faith. People that had every right to be broken found themselves full of hope and faithful anticipation. Something that can’t come from within themselves. Something that could only come from the person and character of Jesus.

I looked at the responses to the family deaths and I found people that were obviously hurt but also so joyful that their family was no longer hurting. People that were deeply rooted in joy because they had faith that this wasn’t the end. They understood that hurting is natural but not permanent. They were overflowing with joyful thankfulness in the midst of so much pain. That didn’t come from them. That came from the person and character of Jesus.

I have seen the responses of family crisis and I have seen so much strength result from so much helplessness. When everything was falling apart they were being miraculously held together. They quit but He didn’t. That came from the person and character of Jesus.

As I write this I am in a hospital waiting room. And I am hearing a woman that understands that regardless of circumstance God reigns. When we find ourselves surrounded by darkness Jesus is light. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. God is good. She keeps saying God has a plan regardless of what it is. That didn’t come from her. That came from the person and character of Jesus.

This journey of mine has concluded with this thought: the face of Jesus can be found in hope, strength, faith, joy, trust, pain, stress, helplessness, circumstances (both good and bad). No matter where you are at in your life I promise you that God has given you more good than the bad that you think surrounds you. Again, the light shines in the darkness and the darkness HAS NOT overcome it.

Love you guys,

Stay strong


Something in the air…

Welcome back and as always, I love you!

Today has been one crazy day. I started the day super stressed and really nervous about a new job opportunity that I was waiting to hear back from, I was busy at work, I had to leave early to take a student of mine to a mission trip, I got a phone call that I got the job and all was right in the world. Then it happened…

I had an allergic reaction to something in the air. That prompted a rush to the urgent care so that I could get treatment before my reaction spread all over my body. It was crazy but I got treated and again, all was right in the world.

I suppose what got me and what prompted this post was how unexpected and unexplainable the reaction was. All was good and then suddenly it wasn’t and there was no precise explanation other than I was allergic to something in the air. What do we do when there is something in the air. When the unexpected and unexplained happens how do we choose to respond. For me in this situation, the only thing I could do was laugh about it. As nerve wrecking and alarming it really was, I figured it wouldn’t do any good to freak out. I just laughed. I refused to let something in the air ruin my day.

I got to wake up in my own home, go to a job that allows me to live a good life, I got to drop a student off at their very first mission trip, I got a new career opportunity. Something in the air wasn’t worth giving up on today. Their is so much to be excited about in life. The unexpected and unexplained doesn’t change that.

I guess what I’m getting at is, please don’t let a surprise storm erase your silver lining. Don’t let the unexpected blot out the blessings. Don’t let something in the air keep you from smelling the flowers.

How can I pray for you? Please let me know in the comments!

Love you!

Message in a bottle

Welcome back all and as always, I love you!

I have been exploring my writing a lot more lately. This is mainly an attempt to traverse the crazy place that I call my mind. That is a lot of deep introspection while also being one heck of an adventure. Through that adventure I have found some cool things. One of those was an idea for something to leave behind for my future kids. I bought 2 writing prompt books and I am going to fill them out completely to give to my kids later as a way to tell them all of the things about me that I never would have thought to tell them myself. I thought that would be pretty special for them (eventually) and interesting for me. But I also was hit with a thought while on my mindscape adventures.

What is my message in a bottle?

If I were to write a message in a bottle and send it off for some stranger to find, what would I write?

Here is my message in a bottle:

“Hello to whoever finds this message. I bet you never thought that you would be finding an actual message in a bottle. I wish to tell you many things but I may not be able to do so, therefore I will keep it short. You are loved more than you will ever know. If not by me then someone else. If not by someone else then I trust that God really loves you enough to die for you. Maybe life is going great and I am happy for you but maybe it isn’t. Either way trust that you will get through the storms. Look back on your life at all of the storms that you have faced up to this point. You got through those didn’t you? There are miraculously beautiful things to be seen. There are miraculously amazing people to meet. And you have some miracles that you can offer the world. Don’t wait, go see those things, go meet those people, and go be that miracle for someone. Don’t sell yourself short, you are worth more broken than most things are brand new. Lastly, don’t let this be my message to you and you only. Share this message with anyone that you think might need it too. You are in my prayers.


Guy that writes messages and puts them in bottles”

What is your message in a bottle? What would you write? Why haven’t you done it yet? Let me know in the comments!

(I would appreciate it if you would share this message with your friends whether it be through social media or otherwise. You mean the world and thank you!)

I’m not ok…

Welcome back because I’m back and as before I love you all!

I want to get real for just a second and tell you all that I’m not ok. I have been too busy and too stressed and too overworked and too much. Also, I care too much. I care too much about what people are gonna think. Too much about what ifs. Too much about everything. To be honest that is one of the reasons why I stopped putting out content for you all. I cared too much about views and being seen for the words I was typing. It took me a long time to realize that doesn’t matter. If I am able to put out a word of encouragement and hope to one person that might need it then that should be good enough for me. So starting today, it is. I apologize for it not being enough before.

So I’m not ok, but I will be. Sometimes it is ok to not be ok. It is ok to feel even if you don’t feel good. It is ok to cry even if the tears aren’t joyful. That is a part of being human. I have spent a lot of years learning to control my emotions to a point where deep feeling was a difficult thing. Not because I needed to be a macho man that never cried but because I was afraid of my emotions. I was afraid of the what ifs that came with feeling. But you know what? Jesus wept. Jesus felt. How can I be Christlike if I never try to feel the emotions that he shared with us? If we were always ok how would we ever connect with anyone else? Nobody can be ok all the time and maybe nobody should be. Full-time ok-ness is equivalent to full-time never-have-any-problems-ness and that doesn’t happen so don’t try to force it.

For all of you out there that are struggling just to be ok. Don’t. It will come. Joy comes in the morning even if you are in a storm tonight. I pray for you. Please pray for me.

We aren’t ok, but we will be…

I love you all so much and the support that I had received in starting this blog back up has been overwhelming in the best possible way. I don’t know what the future holds but I’m looking forward to finding out. I’m working on putting together some merchandise if you find yourselves interested in that. If not that’s totally cool too. You can find it at:

Final and most important point: How can I pray for you?       Let me know in the comments!

Love you!

What He is saying

I wonder what God is saying. What has he spoken? God spoke and the world began. He breathed on man and gave him life. But I wonder today what God is speaking through this blog. I started this whole thing with the hopes and the anticipation that it would encourage people across the globe, and it has. But the one thing that is most important to me is that God speaks through this more than I do.

I want God to breathe life into someone through these words. I want God to speak to the heart of the reader. I want God in every dot and tittle that I write. I want God to move. When God speaks things change. He spoke existence into existence and life into life. Everything that ever was and ever will be comes from his insistence. He speaks and the fabric of time and space is torn. If His word can do that then who am I to think MY words would have any impact. My words are powerless and it is through his word that we know power in the first place. I want him to speak through this written word. I want to get out of the way. If God isn’t moving through this then I simply don’t want to do this anymore. This needs to be done to his glory through his heart. Every key stroke or tap of my screen should be guided by the very hand of God. If it’s not then I need to reevaluate my purposes. If God isn’t speaking then this isn’t working.

So here is the crux, have these words impacted you? Has God used this to impact you at all? Many times in life God has revealed how he has worked through the testimony of thone that he worked on. What is your testimony relating to the words you have read here? I don’t mean this as a rhetorical question. I really want you to tell me in the comments, whether it be on wordpress, facebook, twitter, or instagram. Please give me a testimony of how or if God has used this blog to impact you.

As always, I Love You and God bless those in need tonight

The Edge

Some say that they are living on the edge. That sounds cool. Maybe. I would actually propose that we don’t live on the edge. More specifically the edge of today and tomorrow.

Picture yourself standing on a cliff. You are looking out from this cliff. You are seeing the expanses of the ocean. You are pondering the uncertainty of that expanse. There are so many unknowns and guess what. That’s ok. It is perfectly ok to not know. That is us on the edge of today and tomorrow. We find ourselves standing on the edge of today, with so much set before us. Yet we are on solid ground. We have the ability to walk, run, crawl, adventure, jump, everything except for fly.

I picture this and see that we end up being Wiley coyote. We run as fast as we can and we run straight off of that edge. Just like a cartoon we run a few steps right off of the edge and realize that we can’t fly. We are no longer on solid ground. We can’t run, walk, or crawl any further. All we can do is fall. I think that is how we try to go through life.

While we get so caught up on tomorrow, what are we missing today? Like I said earlier, we have the ability to walk, run, crawl, adventure, and jump. There are interactions that could change the very fabric of who we are yet we ignore it in the pursuit of tomorrow.

There is opportunity upon opportunity today. There are adventures that are begging for adventurers. There are races to be ran. How are we going to be able pursue happiness today if we are too busy trying to fly tomorrow. It can be cool to look into the expanse of mystery that is tomorrow. That is awesome. But today has its own set of mystery left to be solved. I’m the worlds worst at trying to fly tomorrow. I have fallen time and time again but I am beginning to realize that maybe it is time for me to adventure today. Just in these past 2 days I have gone out and done things that I have talked about for a long time. It was always a situation where I would do one day. I kept looking to the expanse of tomorrow and never pursued the gifts of today.

So what are you gonna do today? There are millions of things for you to find and to do today. There is still adventure regardless of age, money, or time. So I would urge you to step away from the edge between today and tomorrow and pave a new path today.

This is written to me because Lord knows I need it. Get out and pave a new path.

As always, I Love You!

What I Need

You know, there are a ton of thing that I think I need on a daily basis. Sometimes I “need” new shoes. Right now I feel like I “need” a new guitar. But God knows what I need even before I ask. Sadly, I don’t always ask Him for what I need. More often than not it is what I want. But that never keeps him from delivering.

The first week of December 2014 God gave me what I needed. I had gotten out a relationship about a month before and I was off the market for awhile. I began to pray that God would bring me a woman in his time. (but I really wanted her sooner rather than later) And just when I was least expecting, and in need the most, God delivered her. Beautiful as could be. Claire Christerson. She was really what I needed and still need today. God made me a helper much like he made Eve for Adam. God saw that it wasn’t fit for me to be alone any longer.

    We are now engaged and that’s awesome but I tell that story to say this:

    You will get what you need when you need it. Another example would be my second job. I have been looking for a second part time job since July and I couldn’t get an interview anywhere. Now in a previous post I told you all that my mom is facing cancer so she has needed a lot more help with things at home. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a job for so long but if I had gotten a job sooner, I wouldn’t have been able to help her. I start my second job this Saturday and in an example of God’s perfect timing, my mom was officially pronounced cancer free today.

    That’s another thing. My mom is cancer free. That is a huge blessing and answered prayer. But more than anything it is what she needed, what I needed, what many people needed and God knew that. 

    He is notorious for providing. He just does it. All the time. I know that there are a ton of things that we want right now. Things that you have been asking for for a very long time. Things that you may truly feel you need. I promise you that you will get exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Keep hoping, keep praying, keep going.

    What I need is for you to know that God is never late. The Father only gives good gifts and you will get yours in perfect timing. If you haven’t gotten it yet then keep waiting because he is always worth the wait.

    What is something that you need right now?

    As always, I love you.