What He is saying

I wonder what God is saying. What has he spoken? God spoke and the world began. He breathed on man and gave him life. But I wonder today what God is speaking through this blog. I started this whole thing with the hopes and the anticipation that it would encourage people across the globe, and it has. But the one thing that is most important to me is that God speaks through this more than I do.

I want God to breathe life into someone through these words. I want God to speak to the heart of the reader. I want God in every dot and tittle that I write. I want God to move. When God speaks things change. He spoke existence into existence and life into life. Everything that ever was and ever will be comes from his insistence. He speaks and the fabric of time and space is torn. If His word can do that then who am I to think MY words would have any impact. My words are powerless and it is through his word that we know power in the first place. I want him to speak through this written word. I want to get out of the way. If God isn’t moving through this then I simply don’t want to do this anymore. This needs to be done to his glory through his heart. Every key stroke or tap of my screen should be guided by the very hand of God. If it’s not then I need to reevaluate my purposes. If God isn’t speaking then this isn’t working.

So here is the crux, have these words impacted you? Has God used this to impact you at all? Many times in life God has revealed how he has worked through the testimony of thone that he worked on. What is your testimony relating to the words you have read here? I don’t mean this as a rhetorical question. I really want you to tell me in the comments, whether it be on wordpress, facebook, twitter, or instagram. Please give me a testimony of how or if God has used this blog to impact you.

As always, I Love You and God bless those in need tonight


The Edge

Some say that they are living on the edge. That sounds cool. Maybe. I would actually propose that we don’t live on the edge. More specifically the edge of today and tomorrow.

Picture yourself standing on a cliff. You are looking out from this cliff. You are seeing the expanses of the ocean. You are pondering the uncertainty of that expanse. There are so many unknowns and guess what. That’s ok. It is perfectly ok to not know. That is us on the edge of today and tomorrow. We find ourselves standing on the edge of today, with so much set before us. Yet we are on solid ground. We have the ability to walk, run, crawl, adventure, jump, everything except for fly.

I picture this and see that we end up being Wiley coyote. We run as fast as we can and we run straight off of that edge. Just like a cartoon we run a few steps right off of the edge and realize that we can’t fly. We are no longer on solid ground. We can’t run, walk, or crawl any further. All we can do is fall. I think that is how we try to go through life.

While we get so caught up on tomorrow, what are we missing today? Like I said earlier, we have the ability to walk, run, crawl, adventure, and jump. There are interactions that could change the very fabric of who we are yet we ignore it in the pursuit of tomorrow.

There is opportunity upon opportunity today. There are adventures that are begging for adventurers. There are races to be ran. How are we going to be able pursue happiness today if we are too busy trying to fly tomorrow. It can be cool to look into the expanse of mystery that is tomorrow. That is awesome. But today has its own set of mystery left to be solved. I’m the worlds worst at trying to fly tomorrow. I have fallen time and time again but I am beginning to realize that maybe it is time for me to adventure today. Just in these past 2 days I have gone out and done things that I have talked about for a long time. It was always a situation where I would do one day. I kept looking to the expanse of tomorrow and never pursued the gifts of today.

So what are you gonna do today? There are millions of things for you to find and to do today. There is still adventure regardless of age, money, or time. So I would urge you to step away from the edge between today and tomorrow and pave a new path today.

This is written to me because Lord knows I need it. Get out and pave a new path.

As always, I Love You!

What I Need

You know, there are a ton of thing that I think I need on a daily basis. Sometimes I “need” new shoes. Right now I feel like I “need” a new guitar. But God knows what I need even before I ask. Sadly, I don’t always ask Him for what I need. More often than not it is what I want. But that never keeps him from delivering.

The first week of December 2014 God gave me what I needed. I had gotten out a relationship about a month before and I was off the market for awhile. I began to pray that God would bring me a woman in his time. (but I really wanted her sooner rather than later) And just when I was least expecting, and in need the most, God delivered her. Beautiful as could be. Claire Christerson. She was really what I needed and still need today. God made me a helper much like he made Eve for Adam. God saw that it wasn’t fit for me to be alone any longer.

    We are now engaged and that’s awesome but I tell that story to say this:

    You will get what you need when you need it. Another example would be my second job. I have been looking for a second part time job since July and I couldn’t get an interview anywhere. Now in a previous post I told you all that my mom is facing cancer so she has needed a lot more help with things at home. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a job for so long but if I had gotten a job sooner, I wouldn’t have been able to help her. I start my second job this Saturday and in an example of God’s perfect timing, my mom was officially pronounced cancer free today.

    That’s another thing. My mom is cancer free. That is a huge blessing and answered prayer. But more than anything it is what she needed, what I needed, what many people needed and God knew that. 

    He is notorious for providing. He just does it. All the time. I know that there are a ton of things that we want right now. Things that you have been asking for for a very long time. Things that you may truly feel you need. I promise you that you will get exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Keep hoping, keep praying, keep going.

    What I need is for you to know that God is never late. The Father only gives good gifts and you will get yours in perfect timing. If you haven’t gotten it yet then keep waiting because he is always worth the wait.

    What is something that you need right now?

    As always, I love you.

    The Big Picture

    I have a picture of when I spent a week in Washington DC. I was there for a week for Washington Leadership Conference. It was an amazing time with amazing people. In this picture there are somewhere around 300 people all gathered on the steps of the nations capital. Naturally, having that many people meant that we were all gonna look pretty tiny. As soon as I got the picture it was a rush to see if I could find myself. It took me a while but I eventually did. You know what was weird about that though? It was pretty underwhelming. I was happy for a few second but then it wasn’t all that great after that.

    I had a picture of 300 people and I was super worried about myself and no one else. I was a very small part of that big picture. But by focusing on our own lives, what are we missing in the big picture of life? We get so caught up on finding ourselves that we totally miss or totally ignore the beauty and diversity that surrounds us.

    In that attempt to find ourselves in that picture we also overlook the blemishes. We overlook the people with their eyes closed. We overlook the people that are frowning. In the picture of life we should take time to realize that the picture isn’t a selfie. It’s not just us in that picture. In the picture of life there are frowns, people with their eyes closed, people that aren’t paying attention, and people that are crying but we are so focused on finding our ever so important faces that nothing else matters.

    Today, there is a lot of blemish in our picture. We can look all around us and see so many things about pleasure and not see anything about pain. I don’t necessarily want to be surrounded by gloom but since when did sports become more popular than poverty? I live in Oklahoma and all that I have seen for the past few days is football upsets or this huge news about Carmelo Anthony coming to the Thunder. Is that the most important thing in the picture of our lives today? Nobody would willingly say yes to that question but that is the type of picture we are buying into. The picture extends far beyond ourselves and our interests. That picture also includes people’s needs.

    The reason why it was so difficult for me to find myself in that picture is because that picture wasn’t about me. It was about those 300 students. It was about the accomplishments we had made. It was about the challenges set before us. It was about us. It was never about me. This picture of life isn’t about you. It is about everything around you.

    That’s the big picture. So today, what are you gonna look at? What are you gonna focus on?

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    And as always, I Love You.


    I have a few things going on in my head.

    1. Sorry for it being a few days since my last post
    2. I love you so much
    3. I am extremely thankful for you

    Thank you! Here is what is going on in my head right this very second. I am so grateful for your support. As I am writing I currently have 277 views. Maybe that isn’t just a huge amount of views for a blog. I have no idea. But the important part is that I am just overflowing with gratitude. I’m thankful for each person that has told me that they enjoyed the posts. Each person that has followed me. Each person that has liked a post. Each person that has taken the time to view the blog even if they didn’t interact.

    But here is the crux of this thought. We need to be grateful for the bigs and the littles.

    See this blog is a little in life. It is something that I enjoy but the words that are written are very small in the grand scheme of things. It is the impact that is the big. There are a ton of different things that we do on a daily basis. Many of them that we don’t even notice we do. Maybe it is the expression that is on our face as we walk down the street. maybe it is the tone that we use when we talk. Maybe it is whether or not we hold open a door for a stranger. These are the little things. The big things are how all of those are perceived. Maybe smiling at someone is the best thing that happens to that person that day. Maybe holding that door open is just a small display of chivalry that gives someone hope.

    The littles in life are just a tiny drop in the ocean. The drops make a ripple. The ripple makes a wave. Without that little drop we would never get to ride the waves.

    We absolutely have to focus on the littles. We need to check our littles and be grateful for the littles of others. For you, your view, like, comment, follow, or anything else may have been a little. To me it was a big. Maybe for me these words were a little and for you it was a big.

    I need to be more grateful for the littles in my life and at the same exact time everyday for the rest of forever be mindful of my littles. My expression, my tone, my sense of chivalry.

    The craziest thing about gratitude is that it is a transformational thing. Showing gratitude and being mindful of the things worth being grateful for will change the way you see life. It may just change the way people see you. It may even spur someone to change.


    Again I am thankful for the continued support. Just as you have encouraged me I hope that my words encourage you. I can’t wait to see where this goes!

    If you like what you see feel free to follow!

    What is something you are grateful for??? Let me know in the comments!



    Today I have had a very recurrent prayer. There has been something inside of me crying out to God saying, “Father, increase in me!” That is really what I need. I need God to increase. I need his strength, the hope he provides, the mercy he provides, the grace he freely gives, his comfort. I need all of those to increase today. 

    I can only assume that if I need those things to increase then maybe you do too. We are either limited or incapable of making any of those things. There are movements of God in our hearts that we desperately need an increase of and we may not have any idea. So today I pray that God increases in us. Increase in the hopeless and the hopeful alike. God increase. Whatever that may look like Father, increase.

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    Light and Dark

    Welcome all! As always, I love you! You know, I have had a great day. I have just felt super encouraged and there have been some things falling in place lately that have been huge blessings. One of those blessings has been all of the positive feedback that I have been getting from people about this blog and that has been great because it helps me to know that this matters. It has been really encouraging and that has been something that I have been super grateful for. If we are being honest, it is something that I never could have done on my own. God really has blessed me through this and he continues to do so every day.

    Today was a day full of encouragement. So I don’t tell a ton of people about this but I really need to give you some backstory to what has been going on today. So for the past few week I have been meeting with some people to pray on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I don’t know these people. Even today, I don’t know their names. They are on their smoke break as I am walking to my classes. I really felt God telling me to speak with them but I ignored it for weeks. Eventually I decided I should probably listen to what he was telling me. So I stopped one day to ask if they would be okay with me praying with them.

    They were cool with it, so I just sort of made it a habit. They expect me 3 times a week and we pray and it has given me the opportunity to invest in their lives. It really has been an awesome experience. Before you think that I am tooting my own horn, I’m not. This is one time that I was obedient but there have been so many other times that I should have stopped and I didn’t. But God has used this to impact me very deeply.

    This mornings prayer time started like any other. I asked about what was going on in their lives and if they needed any new prayer. I prayed and I was about to go on my way until something happened. I very stern looking man in the group started to talk to me. This man has always acted a little annoyed at me for interrupting their break but he stopped me to talk today. I had been trying to invest in their lives and love them and they returned the favor today. They began to ask me questions about my life and what I had going on. They began to encourage me with regards to some current situations and my future dreams. God used them to bless me with a much needed light in the midst of hard times. They truly blessed me today and if for some odd reason they end up reading this, thank you.

    Here is a little fact for you:

    On a clear dark night, a candle flame can be seen as far as 48 km away. That is 30 miles! A single candle flame can be seen that far away! That blows me away but it also reminds me of a very important lesson for us. That tiny little candlelight that you have and that you hold shines a lot farther than you may ever know.

    John 1:5

    “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

    There is a lot of dark in this world and sometimes it seems like our light doesn’t matter. It seems like our light won’t change anything or anyone. I’m here to remind you that your light could change the world. If not the whole world then maybe someones world. No matter how dark the world may be around us, if you decide to shine your light there is no amount of darkness that will ever overcome it. God called me to shine a light to those people on their smoke break. Little did I know that God would use them to shine a light in my life. We have so much to offer this world. Way too much for us to try to keep it to ourselves.

    Shine your light. Maybe someone 30 miles away will see your light and they will shine a little bit of light right back at you. No matter what, I promise that you aren’t the only one shining light in the darkness and I hope that if you are needing some light you will see it soon. I hope that someone shines their light in your life this week. I hope that you shine your light in someones life this week.

    Have you seen any light shine lately and if so, what was it?